Risk notice

Whenever you enter into Forex/CFD trading, you must be aware of the risks involved. We strictly recommend that you read and understand the risk notice below.

Forex/CFD trading involves significant risks

Forex/CFD trading is a speculative trading in its essence and therefore bears risks of losses. Depending on your proficiency and market understanding level it may not be suitable for all the investors. It is recommended to be aware of the Forex/CFD trading, have a knowledge about the markets, underlying asset types, industry standards and rules applied. It is also presumed that none of your investments constitutes a significant part of your income. It is not recommended to invest more than 5% of your total monthly/yearly income into any sort of trading. By entering into the Forex/CFD trading you unconditionally agree and understand that it may result in the total loss of your investment as a result of incompetent trading decisions and/or market fluctuations.

Trading advice disclaimer

Any trading recommendation (such as market news, announcements, trading signals, etc) provided by Bitbinaryfxtrade or any third party contractor ARE NOT an investment advice. Nor are they an offer in any way. The information contained in these items is solely intended for educational purposes and under no circumstances can serve as inducement or an advice for an action. By using them you unconditionally agree and understand that Bitbinaryfxtrade is not liable for the consequences in any way. Any part of this information (partially or on the whole) is solely an independent opinion and should be only considered as such.

Guarantees waiver

No profit is guaranteed when trading Forex/CFD. There can neither be a guarantee of avoiding losses. Under no circumstances are such guarantees provided by Bitbinaryfxtrade. You must clearly understand and unconditionally agree that NO GUARANTEES whatsoever are given by Bitbinaryfxtrade in any respect. You must be aware of the risks involved and have stable finances allowing you to cover the possible losses, making sure they do not affect your usual lifestyle.

Internet trading

Due to the nature of trading over the Internet no claims will be accepted by Bitbinaryfxtrade for any losses or other damages caused, directly or indirectly, by any malfunction, disruption or failure of any connectivity, data transfers, communication, operating system, computer, mobile device or any piece of software. This policy shall be applicable to all the technical means regardless of the ownership.