AML policy

AML policy applied by Bitbinaryfxtrade is intended to prevent any possible ways of money laundering or the financial support of any criminal or in any other way illegal activities. It is a strict requirement to abide by its provisions in order to comply with the international legislation.

According to the provisions of the policy it is required that the sources of the funds remain unconcealed and clear while the total money flow remain transparent. Any attempt from either of the parties involved to conceal, mislead or misinform the other party of the funds source and/or destination shall be considered a breach of the AML policy.

For the purpose of strictly abiding by the provisions of the policy the clients may be requested to verify their identity by sending electronic or hard copies of their identifying documents (such as (including but not limited to) notarized copies of passport or national ID, address proofs, bank/card statements, etc). This may in certain cases as well refer to the proofs of the origin of the funds.

Under no circumstances any deposits/withdrawals to/from the third persons are allowed. Any deposit or withdrawal request intended (or suspected to be intended) to a third person shall be declined in all cases. By using Bitbinaryfxtrade services you unconditionally agree that any financial transactions (whether in- or outgoing) must be performed SOLELY by yourself. No exceptions shall be made from this provision. Both Bitbinaryfxtrade and the client agree to make their best effort to comply with the policy and the international AML legislation.

Each Bitbinaryfxtrade employee, contractor, subsidiary, partner or any other related person shall be made aware of the provisions of the policy. All the Bitbinaryfxtrade employees shall be entitled to the annual AML policy training program.

The policy must be accepted by the client on the whole PRIOR to using any (partially or on the whole) Bitbinaryfxtrade services. No exceptions can be made on the basis of the client's local legislation, tradition or common practices.